Dream Birthers LLC


Services Overview

Dream Birthers provides a range of services for small, medium and large businesses from the start-up phase through re-branding and social media management. Below is an overview of our three core areas.


Business Start-Up Services

Do you have a business idea but need help organizing and setting it up as a legitimate business? Our start-up package offers a one-stop solution for your start-up needs and includes:

  • LLC Registration 
  • Employer Identification Number Registration
  • Social Media Profile Registration
  • Logo Design

Investment: $399


Social Media Management

Is your business booming in real life but non-existent online? We can help. For a small monthly investment we will craft a social media strategy which can include creating a cohesive social media strategy, setting up profiles, posting to multiple platforms 2-5 times per week, and setting up graphic templates for your posts.

Investment: $300/month


Branding and Marketing Services

Are you unsure of your message to the world? Does your business have a cohesive visual brand and a solid marketing strategy? We'd love to help you create a brand that gets noticed. First, we'll sit down for a 60-minute strategy session to find out your core strengths and opportunities. We'll then deliver a marketing and branding debrief with actionalble items to implement into your business. Additional services are provided a la carte. Branding and Marketing services require that you fill out a short questionnaire to determine if our services are a fit for you.

Investment: $399 and up.