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The Procrastination Trap

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The root of procrastination is fear. Do you have a million and one goals but you have not accomplished one of them. This may be due to procrastination. With every free hour of our time, we make a choice to do a, b, or c. Oftentimes, those big lofty goals get pushed aside for our day-to-day routine. But, the thing is, if you never make room to work towards your goals, you will never see them come to fruition. 

“Procrastination leads to stagnation

Procrastinating leads to stagnation. Why? Because instead of moving forward, you are standing still and not making progress. Here are some helpful tips for overcoming procrastination:

  1. Write it down! Set some goals for yourself. What are your long-term goals for the next five years? What are your short-term goals for the next 12 months? Out of those short term goals, what are the top three things that you want to accomplish this year? What resources and tools do you need to accomplish these goals. Put the goals in front of you and either read them out loud or write them out every day. Keeping them in front of you will keep them at the front of your mind and they will become a priority in  your daily life. We have a free goal setting download available in our Resource Library when you sign up for our newsletter (see below).
  2. Don't wait for perfect conditions! I used to notice that before I would do anything for my business, my house had to be immaculately clean and organized. I'm talking about every room and closet suddenly needed to be emptied, organized, polished, shined, sorted and styled. In retrospect, this was ridiculous. It was ridiculous because I would start the cleaning project and never finish it. Instead, I would just wear myself out enough to feel like I had accomplished something. The whole cleaning thing was a distraction that I created out of fear of focusing on what I really needed to do. Your life, your home and your conditions will never be 100% perfect. Use what you have and do what you can now. I promise you that once you start making the effort and taking small steps, you will realize that you have more than you thought. Launch that business now! Start that nonprofit now! It's better to launch at 90% than to wait until you get to 100%. You will never be 100% ready.
  3. Get out of your head! Okay, so most of the time we talk ourselves out of greatness. Negative thinking takes a toll on our soul. We can constantly think to ourselves, "I'm not good enough. I'm not qualified. I will never be able to do this." We start to believe these lies and they manifest in our lives. We are what we think and we have what we say. I have some simple faith confessions to help you build your faith when you subscribe to our website (see below). Speaking faith-filled words will build your confidence which leads me to tip #4.
  4. Encourage yourself! The bible talks about how David encouraged himself in the Lord. Well, sometimes we have to learn how to encourage ourselves too. Most of us don't have life or business coaches checking in with us daily to help us meet our goals. What do we do in that case? You have to learn how to motivate yourself. How do you do that? Here are some ideas: 1.) Read the bible to build your faith; 2.) Find faith building messages to listen to; 3.) Recite and write your goals (see step 1 above); 4.) Start confessing positive things over your life. Before I started Dream Birthers formally in the Summer of 2015, I started to listen to faith building messages daily. Most of those messages came from Terry Savelle Foy's YouTube channel. She has about a 100 videos on faith, setting goals and success. My confidence had been torn down due to a lot of things (life, rejection and fear mostly) and I needed to build my confidence back up to do the things that I was called to do. These videos helped me tremendously!!

If you've found yourself in the procrastination trap, following these steps will definitely put you several steps closer to your goals.

If any of these tips have helped you, consider subscribing to Dream Birthers to receive access to our Resource Library which includes a goal setting worksheet, faith confessions for the entrepreneur and more! Comment below and let me know if you've been motivated to get free from the procrastination trap!