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2016 Is My Fearless Year!

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The Lord spoke to me a few days before the new year that 2016 was to be my year of the FEARLESS for Dream Birthers. He wanted me to encourage others to let this be your year of the fearless too! I was at the doctors office when God gave me the vision of the FEARLESS year. It was surely the Lord because it never occurred to me to make this my business motto for the year!

So many times our FEARS hold us back from accomplishing what God told us to do. So in reality, we are being disobedient and sitting on our blessings instead of just trusting God and STEPPING OUT ON FAITH. My pastor, Prophetess Shavarn Smith (visit her awesome website here), always gives the acronym of Fear as: False Evidence Appearing Real. What has the enemy told you that you couldn't do? Did he tell you that you would never start a business because no one in your family has ever started one? Did he tell you not to write the book because no one will ever want to hear your story? Well, the devil is a liar. In fact, the bible says that he is the father of lies (John 8:44). So everything he says is a lie. That's why we have to be so close to the Lord at all times - so we can hear what He is speaking. 

The way that we get close is through His word and in prayer. There are countless times when I've been frustrated and downright scared in my business. Every single time that I wanted to quit, eventually, I would pray and God would give me a breakthrough. Every time I pray regarding my business, God gives me direction, clarity and strategy. The business schools of the world don't tell you this but this is one of the most powerful and effective business tools for the believer.

The acronym for FAITH from my spiritual mom is this: Forsaking All I Trust You. That means do it afraid. Whatever it is that you are scared to do, just do it and you will see the fear disappear. The more you step out, the less fear you will have. I saw a story via CBS News yesterday about a nonconventional school called the Ron Clark Academy. A video of the founder, Ron Clark doing the "Nae Nae" and the "Whip" with his students recently went viral on YouTube (see the video here). Well, what stuck out most to me are these rules that all the students have to live by. Some of the rules are that the students must always look at others directly in the eye! How about that? They must speak up for themselves. They must speak in complete sentences. They are teaching them self-esteem and self-confidence. How revolutionary is that! Some of us are the way we are because of disappointments, tragedies and other bad things that have happened in our lives. Through God's word and faith in Him we can be healed from the very spirit that tells us we "can't" so that we can walk into "I can" and "I did" and "I am a success."

The word fearless was not only for my clients, but it was for me too! Every since the Lord gave me that word, every time I have an idea and I even think about shrinking back in fear, my spirit says, "No, this is my year of the fearless!" Meaning I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I will carry out every God-ordained idea. 

In what ways can you make this year your year of the fearless? What are some things that you've thought about doing but always had an excuse as to why you would never do it? Below is the FEARLESS manifesto that I pray will be a blessing to you! Please send me your thoughts, testimonies and comments on how this will be your FEARLESS year!