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Advice to self: Be You.

Marie ElliottComment

What's up, everyone! This thing called Dream Birthers started as an idea to help people do exactly that, birth out their dreams. While I believe I've accomplished that, I felt a strong need to change the direction of the blog, business and website. My goal is the same but my method is changing.

Maybe I read too many business blogs or maybe I just lost my voice. I think I fell into the trap of feeling the need to talk in third person to sound professional or have people take me seriously. I think business talk has a time and a place but I'm just a lady with a passion to see others pursue their dreams. Going forward, everything that I do will have a lot more of ME included. Basically, you will find the tone of the blog and social media more casual, conversational and REAL. 

Instead of teaching you what to do, think of Dream Birthers as a behind the scenes journal of what I'm actually doing. I hope to share more of my wins, losses and encourage you on your journey along the way! We will also go beyond business and writing and discuss faith, careers and birthing out your dreams in every area of your life!

I'm hoping that exposing more of me will lead to more engagement, interaction, and enthusiasm from all of you. I want to hear your stories, share your journey and celebrate your wins as well. I want you to think of Dream Birthers as your best girlfriend who you talk business, dreams, and faith with. 

I'm still debating on how my services will change. More on that later. However, I am going to be focusing my efforts on releasing books and other resources to help you on your journey to pursuing your passion. 

Have you ever felt the need to inject more of you in your business? How did you do it? Why do you think it can be so hard to just be yourself? I think part of the answer is self-acceptance. We wonder if the big wide world will like us so we become who we think we should be. I'm telling myself and I'm tellin you, "You are enough." So be it. Be yourself. I'm not interested in reaching the world. I'm only interested in reaching my tribe of like minded, faith-filled, passion driven entrepreneurs. 

Until next time! Peace.